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Internacional Trade Counselling

Our foremost purposes go towards the entire satisfaction of your main needs, taking care of your interests, proposing you a complete door to door logistical operative system, using all kind of transportation for imports and exports.


Our company, exploring day to day the different factors which determine future global tendencies, owns the necessary capacity in order to give you a full service in outside trade, including goods distribution to every point of sale, linking importers and exporters with markets all around the world, detecting their specific needs and assisting them in the complete cycle of international business.


It’s for that reason that we have joined those activities which demand a lot of time and effort, and which also have a very expensive cost, which are concerted and managed individually.


When Commodity goes out?. When commodity comes in?. It’s our obligation to give you the precise answers concerning your transactions, fulfilling a severe control, storing indispensable data and working on them in real time

Responsibility, Service and Organization, are the most important things in our commitment