Nuestro Refugio trust and use the Argentine Post services for delivering and collecting craftsmanships in Argentina.


For outside deliveries we trust and use the FEDEX (Federal Express) services.




Outside Payments:

Nuestro Refugio trust and use the Western Union services for the outside payments.


How to shop


To carry out a purchase, the customer should choice the products of his interest that figure in our virtual shop, reminding the code number of the product selected which is enclosed in each craftsmanship. Afterwards you should complete the form at the link shop, filling out all the information required and pointing out the quantity requested of each craftsmanship to acquire.
At the time limit of 72 hours, you will receive an e-mail including the final quotation of your purchase (delivery costs and if were necessary, others dealings charges).

In case the customer makes the purchase decision, should send to us an e-mail to: including the respective purchase acceptance.


  • IN ARGENTINA: In principle the payment terms we have selected is “cash on delivery".
    We consider that is the safest way since it doesn’t involve any kind of electronic transaction by internet.
    This system let you pay in cash on receipt of the craftsmanship at the indicated place by you at the moment to buy or at your nearest post office. I f you prefer to pay by a banker’s order or by any other way, please point it out through the shop form at the field “Comments”. Immediately we’ll put in contact with you detailing the steps to follow.
    • Capital Federal and Gran Buenos Aires: the price of the craftsmanship includes the delivery costs.
    • Rest of our country: the price of the craftsmanship doesn’t include the delivery costs, its depending on the province and on the total weight of the shipment.


  • REST OF THE WORLD: You can buy the craftsmanships of Our Shelter from any city of the world. We offer to you a free advising from our Foreign Trade Department as much as the hiring of the necessary services. In this way you will receive the acquired craftsmanships in the requested city at the moment of buying. There are five payment terms depending on the quantity and on the amount of the craftsmanships you want to acquire.
    • Payment Order or Bank Transfer:


    • Letter of Credit:


    • Documentary Collection:


    • International Checks:


    • Western Union: send the money through a Western Union agency to:




      Country: ARGENTINA


      Immediately, after paying at any Western Union office, please send us an e-mail to: Pointing out your purchase code, full name, delivery address, city, province, country, post code and control number (MTCN).